Open platform for processing
multimedia documents

What is the WebLab?

TThe WebLab is a platform aiming at providing intelligence (business, strategic, military...) solutions and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video). See a video presentation of the WebLab demo.

Where is the WebLab?

The WebLab is a platform is hosted in the OW2 forge at the following location:

Who has contributed to develop the WebLab?

The following research projects have contributed to the developement of the WebLab Core baseline to integrate heterogeneous component:

  • WebContent : The Semantic Web Platform, French ANR Project 2005,
  • VITALAS : Video & image Indexing and Retrieval in the Large Scale, European Project 2006,
  • e-Wok Hub : Environmental Web Ontology Knowledge Hub, French ANR Project 2006.

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Willing to go deeper?

The following sections will guide you through to have a quick overview of the WebLab:

Developers or integrators may also want to go to the WebLab forum.
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