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Version 1.2

Release date: July 2010

Main goal

The main goal of the version 1.2 is to have:

  • A simplification of the WebLab Exchange model and WebLab Core.
  • WebLab Helpers refactoring for better performances when reading/writing RDF annotations.

Related Issues:

  • Bug 314247 Local URL appears in some files needed for site generation
  • Bug 314247 [POKHelperExtended]Trouble with reification writing
  • Bug 314517 Check every pom to change snapshot repository in distributionManagement
  • Bug 314979 Solr does not close properly
  • Bug 315043 [Result-portlet] results are not correctly ordered
  • Bug 315051 Result portlet send null pointer exception
  • Feature 314290 Move bean-helper-impl outside of WebLabCore
  • Feature 314291 Remove bean-helper-api and rdf-helper-api
  • Feature 314364 Add Site object to the Model
  • Feature 314510 [POKHelperExtended] Add change the methods to better handle reification writing
  • Feature 314527 [WebLab Demo] suppress file indexed
  • Feature 314528 [WebLab Demo] improve indexing chain
  • Feature 314599 using hostname instead of ip or localhost in portlet config and jbi
  • Feature 314704 Upgrade to servlet-api 2.5
  • Feature 314722 Adding a new factory for WebLabException
  • Feature 314735 Change configuration model
  • Feature 314736 Remove not used model element

WebLab Core evolutions

The Weblab is separated in several technical sub-packages.

One of this package is called WebLabCore, however this name is confusing since it does not correspond completly with the WebLab Core described in our Architecture. In the next version, we will rename the technical package WebLabCore in WebLabExchangeModel.

WebLabExchangeModel will contain:

We will introduce a technical package WebLabHelpers (which is part of the Weblab Core too) containing previous WebLabCore helpers (I told you it was confusing ?). Thus the WebLab Core refers to all elements presented in WebLab Core Stable.

About WebLab Factories, we will provide updated factories dealing with the new exchange model. Those factories should be more efficient when dealing with complex WebLab Resources. They will allow users to automatically generate numerous Segments and MediaUnits.

A new feature is the automated insertion of a ComposedUnit between a parent Resource and a MediaUnit.

Version 2

Release date: January 2011 The goal of this version is to have:

  • A WebLab Factory.
  • Provide better support of multimedia content within exchange model.

Version 2.1

Release date: July 2011 The goal of this version is to have:

  • More processing services.
  • Support and provide semantic standard evolutions.
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