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WebLab 1.2.2 is released here.

To start using the WebLab, see Getting Started.

Changes from previous version

The main changes are:

  • the addition of a type of Segment : TrackSegment (See its use in WebLab Model and its documentation)
  • WebLab uses Apache CXF instead of JAXWS-RT to generate WebLab Model from xsd and web services.
  • We split WebLab ontology into 3 ontologies: Model, Processing and Retrieval

more information on all changes, you can read the Release note.

How to update from previous version

Exchange Model

The WebLab Exchange Model is:


For more information on the purpose of each element of the Exchange model, see the WebLab 1.2.2 Exchange Model details.

Service Interfaces and available implementations

Weblab 1.2.2 Service Interfaces are the same that Weblab 1.2 Service Interfaces.

Services are currently being updated to WebLab 1.2.2.

There are already up to date services:

  • simple-file-repository:1.2-SNAPSHOT
  • blank-lines-remover:1.3.1-SNAPSHOT
  • gate-extraction:2.2-SNAPSHOT
  • moses-translation:1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • ngramj-language-extraction:1.2.1-SNAPSHOT
  • simple-gazetteer:1.2-SNAPSHOT
  • solr-engine:2.0.1-SNAPSHOT
  • sphinx-transcription:1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • tika-normaliser:1.7.2-SNAPSHOT

Portlets available

Portlets are currently being updated to WebLab 1.2.2.

There is no up to date portlet at the moment.


WebLab interoperability between services or components encompass several specifications. We try as much as we can to support standard protocols, formats and technology. However sometimes JSR or Web Standards may be fuzzy or vague on some key details to make things work together.

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