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Data exchange model history

The data exchange model has evolved and minor changes must be taken into account in order to process correctly the content and to produce valid service answer. The figure on top of this page shows the current version. The following list provide an overview of the multiple versions of the model:

Version 1.2.5 - released date August 2012

  • INTERFACE: SourceReader is now deprecated. It is encourage to use the QueueManager or to work directly within the Camel/ActiveMQ queues.
  • MODEL: SpatioTemporalSegment is now a direct subclass of Segment instead of being a subclass of SpatialSegment
  • MODEL: ComposedQuery have now a default Operator with AND has value.
  • More info on the release notes

Version 1.2.2 - released date August 2011

  • MODEL: Add SpatioTemporalSegment that enables to point to a particular SpatioTemporal fragment of a Video MediaUnit
  • MODEL: Add TrackSegment that enables to track an Object within a MediaUnit
  • CODE: Use of Apache CXF instead of JAXWS-RT to generate WebLab Model from xsd and web services.
  • ONTOLOGIES: Split WebLab ontology into 3 ontologies: Model, Processing and Retrieval
  • More details on the release notes

Version 1.2 - released date November 2010

  • INTERFACES: Deleted ContentConsumer interface
  • INTERFACES: Deleted ContentProvider interface
  • INTERFACES: Added QueueManager interface
  • MODEL: Set coordinates x and y of a SpatialSegment as attributes
  • MODEL: Moved ResourceCollection to ComposedResource
  • MODEL: Deleted ComposedUnit
  • MODEL: Document now to inherit from mediaUnit
  • MODEL: Removed "A segment is a resource" in the segment documentation
  • MODEL: Deleted Feature
  • MODEL: Set start and end as attributes of linear and temporal segments
  • MODEL: Deleted user, content and structure packages
  • MODEL: Set operator as an attribute of ComposedQuery
  • MODEL: Set weight as an attribute of ElementaryQuery
  • MODEL: Set request as attribute of StringQuery
  • MODEL: getResources() method in the ResourceContainer interface has been renamed to loadResource() to avoid confusions with the getResource method of the SourceReader interface
  • MODEL: Fuse xsd into a single one.
  • BINDINGS: XML to Java totally redone to change package structure and add isSet method on optional properties
  • MODEL: Namespace changed to\#
  • INTERFACES: Namespaces changed to
  • MAVEN: GroupId changed to org.ow2.weblab.core
  • SAMPLES: Remove every samples since they are useless. We recommend to use "implements" Java keyword instead of WSDL import for multiple interfaces implementation.

Version 1.1.1 - released date February 2010

  • Update site descriptions.
  • Minor corrections in the ontology.

Version 1.1 - released date May 2009

  • ONTOLOGY: Move the two additional ontologies into extended project.
  • ONTOLOGY: Split WebLab ontology into three files: one for the core, one for the retrieval properties and one for the processing properties.
  • Switch to Java 1.6
  • Licence changed to LGPL
  • MODEL: add resultsSet
  • MODEL: BinaryMediaUnit is now abstract (this was already in UML but not in XSD)
  • INTERFACE: Search returns now resultsSet. We encourage you to mostly use the PoK to carry results information in RDF only.
  • MODEL: Property of SimilarityQuery linking them to resources is now resource (instead of data).
  • MODEL: PieceOfKnowledge object created as a mother class of Annotation and Ontology. This enable Ontology and Annotation to share data (before Ontology and Annotation where copy/paste from one to other). Moreover, an Annotation is the kind of PoK that is linked to a Resource. Standalone PoK are PoK.
  • MODEL: HumanResource replaced by User; and data field removed.
  • INTERFACES: Minor changes on many interfaces due to MODEL changes. Adding SourceReader interface. SourceReader has to be used where we used crawler (web and folder) to standardised chains.
  • QUERY: Query package refactored to include ResultSet, ElementaryQuery, StringQuery, update SimilarityQuery and ComposedQuery and remove other Queries.

Version 1.0.5 - released date April 2009

  • Changing maven POM definition to introduce global superPom Version management.

Version 1.0.4 - released date March 2009

  • MODEL: Upgrade UID since model Version changed.
  • ONTOLOGY: Correction of some DatatypeProperty into ObjectProperty when needed.
  • ONTOLOGY: refersTo now takes a Resource for Domain instead of a Segment.
  • ONTOLOGY: isCandidate property added.

Version 1.0.3 - released date March 2009

  • MODEL: Adding Serialization ID for portlet events compatibility.

Version 1.0.2 - released date February 2009

  • DEPENDENCIES: Correction of JAXWS dependencies according to Maven dependency analysis report.
  • DEPENDENCIES: Upgrade the dependency to JAXWS 2.1.5 instead of 2.1.4.
  • ONTOLOGY: Modification of namespaces to remove 1.0.
  • ONTOLOGY: Modification of namespaces to add structure to the structure properties.
  • ONTOLOGY: Modification of the file name.

Version 1.0.1 - released date September. 2008

  • ONTOLOGY: Creation of original file properties to be standardised and used in the whole platform.
  • ONTOLOGY: Creation of reasonable properties to link Resources (e.g. hasMediaUnit linking a ComposedUnit with MediaUnits).
  • SAMPLES: Creation of two new samples OntologyAlignment and OntologyAnalyser.
  • ONTOLOGY: Creation of refersTo properties. Linking Resource to any RDF Resource.
  • MODEL: Modification of feature's label from xs:anySimpleType to xs:string.
  • INTERFACES: Correction of the resetConfiguration operation name in Configurable.
  • SAMPLES: Correction of the namespaces.
  • ONTOLOGY: Correction of the ontology.

Version 1.0 - release date April 2008

  • WebLabRI modification to be more generic (xs:anyURI).
  • Resource modification: Resource can now optionally contain a list of LowLevelDescriptor.
  • LowLevelDescriptor (previously in multimedia.xsd) modification: Feature have now optionally a label and handles directly a list of simple types. They are now described in model.xsd.
  • Query (query.xsd) modification: Specialisation of each type of queries (Structured, Semantic, Composed, Universal, FullText and Similarity).
  • In interfaces, modification of URI parameters to be more generic (xs:anyURI).
  • The samples take in account new interfaces definition.
  • Creation of the WebLab ontology providing some specific properties for the annotable (Resource) part of the model.

Version 0.7 - release date February 2008

  • Renaming LargeContentMediaUnit to BinaryMediaUnit.
  • Set the string content of Text unit optional.
  • Adding a regex restriction on URI for resources in accordance to the URI and WRI specification.
  • Adding Content object to handle any kind of essence content within Content package.
  • Adding BinaryContent as sub-class of Content to handle raw bytes arrays content within Content package.
  • Adding TextContent as sub-class of Content to handle string content within Content package.
  • Change the list item of ResourceCollection from resources to resource.

Version 0.6 - release date November 2007

  • Suppression of Position and creation of various Segment specialisations instead (TemporalSegment, LinearSegment, SpatialSegment)
  • Suppression of shapes for SpatialSegment
  • Parent link suppression (not visible on illustration but was present in XSD)
  • URI assignment guidelines (discussed in the next section)

Version 0.5 - release date October 2007

  • MODEL: Separation in several packages of the model (model, structure, text, service, query).
  • MODEL: IDRef suppression.
  • MODEL: Addition of multimedia elements, LargeContentMediaUnit vs Text, adding position.
  • MODEL: Addition of ontology elements.
  • MODEL: Addition of users elements.
  • MODEL: DocumentElement => MediaUnit.
  • SAMPLE: Analysis Service wsdl and xsd modification.

Version 0.4 - release date September 2007

  • ALL: Just some minor bug corrections.

Version 0.3 - release date August 2007

  • ALL: Just some minor bug corrections.

Version 0.2 release date July 2007

  • ALL: Just some minor bug corrections.

Version 0.1 - release date June 2007

  • MODEL: Creation of the xsd of the exchange model(core.xsd).
  • SAMPLES: Analysis Service wsdl and xsd creation.

Complete changes log are available on source repository. Further evolutions are under study and anyone who want to suggest an evolution is invited to contact the WebLab team.