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There is multiple solution to get started on the WebLab platform. However one should note few things first (see weblab features description for more information):

  • WebLab is a platform developed through research projects and not meant to be use as it for an operational application ;
  • WebLab is an integration platform dedicated to unstructured document processing and retrieval (and more...) ;
  • WebLab is a server application and even if the demo is packaged to be easily deployed and installed on a single machine for test purpose, most applications based on WebLab are multi-servers application ;

This being said, you will find hereafter the possible ways to get in touch with the WebLab. If you have any question, please send it to the WebLab forum.

Test the demo

The easiest way is to download the WebLab demonstration package available on the OW2 forge. It's a simple Zip file and once extracted you should be able to easily install and launch a simple demo application based on WebLab. The scope of the demonstration is really "reduced to the max" in order to be able to run on a single machine. So it can:

  • get documents from a local folder ;
  • normalize and extract text content from standard desktop text files ;
  • automatically extract information about named entities in the text in English ;
  • index the results ;
  • provide access and search capabilities to the processed documents through a text search engine and document visualization tool.

On the hardware side, the demo is configured to run on an advanced computer (well not so advanced but not a standard desktop configuration):

  • minimal specification: dual core with 2Go of memory and 400Mo of disk space
  • recommended specification: quad core with 4Go to 8Go and 500Mo of disk space (and fast hard disk are of course recommended)

Then on the capability side this demonstration include less than 10 documents but it has been tested on more than 10000. So you can try with your own documents. Find more ifnormation on the Demonstration Installation Guide

Learn about the WebLab

If the demonstration is not enough for you, then you can look at the projects to have more information about the multiple projects that are (or were) using the WebLab. Some of them have on-line video demonstration. For the scientists, you can look on the publication section were some of the papers published in international conferences are listed.

Still hungry ? Let's go in the core of the platform with the page dedicated to the WebLab Architecture and which introduce the core principles and guidelines that support the WebLab.

Work with WebLab

The developers interested in setting up a WebLab application and/or developing and testing their own WebLab components should have a look on the Developer Dashboard which links all resources relevant for happy weblab coders.

The greedy ones can go directly to the WebLab forge to have access to the source code available on SVN or have a look at the Javadoc.