Installing WebLab development environment

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This page will present information for setting up the WebLab development environment.


Development tools

  • JDK7 is of course only mandatory for the WebLab since most of the framework are only proposed in JAVA (ie ESB, orchestrator and Web portal). However you are free to use any language to develop your own web service. For JDK version we recommend to use at least "1.7.0_x" where x is > 7.
  • Maven 3.1.x is the tool used in WebLab for project management and build automation.
  • Subversion is the version control system used on the OW2 forge (where the sources of WebLab are published) and will be only used if you intend to retrieve samples of code from WebLab. Only the client part is needed and some other client are available (see for instance Tortoise SVN).
  • We recommend also to use an IDE, it is often easier to develop. Since we provide a plugin for Eclipse, we encourage to install that free IDE.

Deployment and test tools


  • The easiest way to get servers that are up and running, would be to download and install the latest WebLab Bundle. This will provide you an up-to-date instance of Tomcat, Liferay and Karaf.


  • SOAPUI is the web service testing tool we recommend.