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Layered model of WebLab distribution.

To make it brief and simple, all code provided under the WebLab project using the OW2 forge is provided under the LGPL license.

If we go into details, and in particular if we take into account all the work achieved in the multiple projects using WebLab, the WebLab project is not limited to this code provided under OW2. As explained in the WebLab features page, the WebLab platform is organized in 3 layers.

WebLab Core

The core of the platform (i.e. first layer) is provided as an open source software under the well-known LGPL license.

WebLab Services

On the service level, one could find all the services provided on the WebLab project and which are a large part of the code on the forge. These covers some of the possible use of the platform including text and multimedia content processing. However in the multiple projects where the WebLab is used, our partners are providing their own components as WebLab services or WebLab portlets. This extends the capabilities of the system build on WebLab with advanced functionalities but not all of these components are open sources and some of them are build with COTS (component on the shelve) which necessitate distributed under their own specific license. Moreover, the Airbus Defence and Space team in charge of the WebLab is also providing custom components with proprietary licence when there is more added value in the component.

WebLab Applications

Finally on the application level, the WebLab project provides a simple demonstration allowing to apply text processing techniques on documents. The complete sources of this application is provided on the OW2 forge under the LGPL license. Then, for each project that uses the WebLab one (or several) application(s) is(are) build for the purpose of each project. These systems are not always distributed.