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This page present a reduced selection of research projects where the multiple demonstrators and prototypes have been developed using the WebLab platform.

Current projects

  • SIIP: Speaker Identification Integrated Project, Work Programme 2013, Topic SEC-2013.5.1-2 (Audio and voice analysis, speaker identification for security applications – Integration Project).
  • TWIRL: Twinning virtual World (on-line) Information with Real world (off-Line) data sources, ITEA 2, #10029.
  • AXES: Access to Audiovisual Archives, FP7 ICT 2011.

Past projects

  • SAIMSI : Suivi Adaptatif Interlingue et Multi-Sources des Informations, French ANR CSOSG Project 2009.
  • Virtuoso: Versatile InfoRmation Toolkit for end-Users Oriented open-Sources explOitation, FP7 Security 2010.
  • WebContent: The Semantic Web Platform, French ANR Project 2005, to build 4 business intelligence applications.
  • VITALAS: Video & image Indexing and Retrieval in the Large Scale, European Project 2006, to build a scalable multimedia search engine.
  • e-Wok Hub: Environmental Web Ontology Knowledge Hub, French ANR Project 200 to build a geoscience knowledge management platform.