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  • WebLab Video channel

This channel proposes the recorded videos of several applications powered by WebLab.

  • EU FP7 project AXES videos
    • AXES project formal presentation
    • AXES PRO Walkthrough
    • AXES project advertising presentation
    • AXES Research Walkthrough

These videos present the project AXES project, the various use-case specific UI (Research and Pro). The WebLab is used in AXES as a baseline for the integration of technical components (ASR, Indexing, Video and Image analysis).

  • EU FP7 Project Virtuoso

This video presents the demonstrator developed during the European FP7 project VIRTUOSO. The WebLab is used as a framework for the integration of processing components into VIRTUOSO.

  • VITALAS V1 video demonstration

Note that this video is now quite old (2008) and that online demo should be accessible on VITALAS Website (the maintenance policy of VITALAS systems is under partners responsibility and thus demonstration may not be available though).

  • WebContent Video

This video shows and explains the first WebContent platform demonstration. It implements a classical named entities extraction but the main point is that it is done through the connection of 6 PCs running various services that form the basic blocks of a watch application and implemented by various partners with different technologies.


Description: article describing the Virtuoso platform, based on WebLab architecture

  • Warehousing Web Resources with the WebContent Platform

Description: Soumission to World Wide Web 2009 Conference, of an article describing the WebLab architecture for the WebContent Project

  • Semantic Hubs for Geological Projects

Description: Publication in 1st Workshop on Semantic Metadata Management and Applications 2008 about a Service-oriented architecture for accessing resources through semantically designed portals called hubs based on the WebLab Architecture

  • WebLab: An integration infrastructure to ease the development of multimedia processing applications

Description: An article published in the International Conference "Software & Systems Engineering and their Applications" 2008 describing the WebLab architecture

SoWeDo and SOS Workshops

WebLab team organises research workshops each year dedicated to the issues related to (1) heterogeneous and/or independent open sources integration and (1) issues related to semantic links that can exist between various structured data in order to ease their exploitation and integration into the Web of Data. SoWeDo has been created after merging with the DLWD workshop.