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Simple Gazetteer
Service Interfaces Analyser
Exchange model: WebLab 1.2.2
Versions: <ListSubPages />
Licence LGPL 2.1
Supported OS Windows/Linux/MacOs
Integrated COTS N/A
Binary simple-gazetteer-1.2.war
Sources simple-gazetteer-1.2-sources.jar
Javadoc simple-gazetteer-1.2-javadoc.jar
SVN simple-gazetteer
Maven Artifact



Release Note

This service loads gazetteers from files in a folders and annotates WebLab Text mediaunit when named entities match some part of gazetteer.


The configuration of this service is done through the choice of the implementation of the endpoint in cxfBeanFile.xml (org.ow2.weblab.service.gazetteer.GazetteerImpl by default). To manage gazetteers, you must add/remove gazetteer from the gaz directory in the service. By default, there are three gazetteers:

TODO: This part has to be completed. To be more detailed.

UsageContext effects

Usage context has no effect.

Examples of SOAP Input/Output

TODO: This part has to be completed.

Known Limitations



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