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Welcome to WebLab

The WebLab is an open source (under LGPL 2.1) platform aiming at providing intelligence (business, strategic, military...) solutions and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video). Go to Projects, Videos and Publications to see several presentations about WebLab.

For a more in depth explanation of what provides WebLab, see WebLab Architecture.


Warning.png INFORMATION: We are aware of some troubles with the WebLab version 1.2 release !

We are currently in the process of updating our procedures to resolve those issues:

  • We are upgrading our documentation to provide a better explanation of WebLab demonstration goals
  • We provide a FAQ to upgrade to WebLab 1.2 from previous versions
  • We began the process to become a mature project in OW2
  • We defined a WebLab Team mailing list, you can use to contact us : dev @ weblab-project.org

A new version will be released in october.

In the meantime, we will provide support on our forum or you can contact us at dev @ weblab-project.org

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