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Legends for versions:

  • Stable releases have a version in x.y.z where x, y and z are numbers : these projects have been fully tested
  • Candidate releases have a version in x.y.z-RCt where x, y, z, t are numbers : these projects must pass more functionality tests
  • Snapshot releases have a version in x.y.z-SNAPSHOT where x, y, z are numbers : these projects may not be stable at all and are packaged automatically if tests succeed

Explanation for x.y.z numbers:

  • The first number called major will change on important architectural modifications, changing major number imply API, dependencies changes.
  • The second number called intermediary will change when refactoring features, API modification, dependancy version change (model weblab, content-manager, ...).
  • The last number called minor will change for bug fixes, add new features that do not change previous behaviour.