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Welcome to WebLab

The WebLab is an open source (under LGPL 2.1) platform aimed at providing intelligence systems and any other applications that need to process multimedia data (text, image, audio and video). Go to Videos and Publications to see several presentations about WebLab. For a more in depth explanation of what WebLab provides, see WebLab Architecture.

If you have any queries or need further information about our services, you can contact us at: support .

19 June 2014: WebLab Bundle 2.0.2 Release
We announce a new patch release WebLab Bundle 2.0.2 ! It presents a more complete home page and some minor issues. Download it here !
13 May 2014: WebLab Bundle 2.0.1 Release
We announce the patch release WebLab Bundle 2.0.1 ! It fixes offline deployement and some minor issues. Download it here !
4 March 2014: WebLab Bundle 2.0.0 Release
We are proud to announce the WebLab Bundle 2.0.0 release ! Download it here !
1 August 2013: Virtuoso Demonstration video
We publish a video demonstrating the main capabilities of the Virtuoso (http://www.virtuoso.eu) European project.
3 July 2013: WebLab Bundle 1.2.6
We are glad to announce the WebLab Bundle 1.2.6 release ! Download it here !
29 March 2013: "Shared Earth Modeling" available !
"Shared Earth Modeling" is a book resulting from a collaborative work carried out by the eWok Hub project team ... More information here.
26 March 2013: SOS-DLWD 2013
We are proud to announce the fourth edition of the workshop "Services and Open Sources" - SOS-DLWD’2013. It is co-located with iC'2013 and it will takes place on July 1st, 2013 at Lille (France).
7 January 2013: WebLab Seminar
The WebLab platform will be presented during an I3 seminar at the GREYC laboratory (University of Caen, France). The presentation (in French language) will be held by Patrick Giroux on Tuesday 12th February from 2 to 3 pm.
7 December 2012: OW2 WebLab Presentation
Gerard held a great talk at OW2con'12 about WebLab, see the video above or here.
23 November 2012: WebLab Bundle 1.2.5
We are proud to announce the WebLab Bundle 1.2.5 release ! Download it here !

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