WebLab 1.2.2

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Changes from WebLab 1.2

The main changes are:

more information on all changes, you can read the Release note.

How to update from WebLab 1.2

Exchange Model

The WebLab Exchange Model is:


For more information on the purpose of each element of the Exchange model, see the WebLab_1.2.2/WebLab_Exchange_Model.

Services available

Services are currently being updated to WebLab 1.2.2.

There are already up to date services:

  • simple-file-repository:1.2-SNAPSHOT
  • blank-lines-remover:1.3.1-SNAPSHOT
  • gate-extraction:2.2-SNAPSHOT
  • moses-translation:1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • ngramj-language-extraction:1.2.1-SNAPSHOT
  • simple-gazetteer:1.2-SNAPSHOT
  • solr-engine:2.0.1-SNAPSHOT
  • sphinx-transcription:1.0-SNAPSHOT
  • tika-normaliser:1.7.2-SNAPSHOT

Portlets available

Portlets are currently being updated to WebLab 1.2.2.

There is no up to date portlet at the moment.