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WebLab 1.2.5 has been released here.

Changes from previous version

All changes for this new version are in the Release note.

This guide explains How to update from previous version.

Exchange Model

The WebLab Exchange Model is:


Only a few changes have been done on the Model from WebLab 1.2.2 to WebLab 1.2.5. They are listed below:

  • The operator field of a ComposedQuery has now a default value (AND). Before no default value was defined.
  • The SpatioTemporalSegment class is now a direct subclass of Segment that contains coordinates and a timestamp. Before it was a subclass of SpatialSegment.
  • The comment over the Coordinate class has been updated. It is now encourage to use a referencing system in pixel that start with 0;0 at top-left. Before it was at bottom-left.

For more information on the purpose of each element of the Exchange model, see the WebLab 1.2.5 Exchange Model details.

Service Interfaces


WebLab interoperability between services or components encompass several specifications. We try as much as we can to support standard protocols, formats and technology. However sometimes JSR or Web Standards may be fuzzy or vague on some key details to make things work together.