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Migrate from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5

Service wide

Changes between these two versions are very simple and are not intrusive.

  • First of all, in the model changes are very light and does not have any impact on your code.
    • A comment has been change in the coordinate class to encourage the use of spatial reference starting at top/left. Most of the case, service that when using coordinates on images were already using this referencing system even if it was not the one proposed.
    • The composed query has now a default operator value (AND). Here again it does not have any impact on the code.
    • SpatioTemporalSegment is now a direct subclass of Segment and not a subclass of SpatialSegment. It might induce ClassCastException or non working if-else-if.

  • For extended, changes are also not so intrusive
    • printTree methods in ResourceUtil are deprecated. New versions that are relying on a Writer instead of a Stream should be used. Note that your old cold will still work any way.
    • AnnotationFactory, ResourceFactory, MediaUnitFactory... are deprecated. They are replaced by WebLabResourceFactory. Methods have the same name and old class are calling the new one. Thus it is not intrusive.
    • New things have been added. See the full change list in WebLab_1.2.5

  • For annotator, change are also not so intrusive
    • Nothing has change for the use of this project, anyway since the OWL2Annotator class (i.e. the one that generates the annotator) has been improved, it is likely to induce chnages in already existing annotators.

Architecture wide

WebLab 1.2.5 describes the model and the tools used inside. The WebLab Bundle 2.0.0 is a huge architectural change in the design of the WebLab applications. In fact the main changes is that the ESB PEtALS has been removed in favour of Karaf + Camel. See the page dedicated to the ESB for more details.