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This version is a simple package of the WebLab application that has been demonstrated during EGC demonstration conference.

This example provides the following features:

  • documents/webpages search and indexation
  • documents/webpages structure and format support (see [WebLab_EGC2012_Application#Remarks| note about structure])
  • documents/webpages management through collection tagging

To download this application, see EGC Application.

Quick start

  1. Download the archive containing the EGC application from EGC Application download.
  2. Unzip EGC_Application-1.0.zip
  3. go to weblab-egc
  4. launch run.sh ou run.bat from a console

It will open your web browser to http://localhost:8080 and you should have the following page after around 2 minutes (depending on your configuration): First page


To install this application, unzip the archive and you are done !

If you want to activate structure processing on documents, you have to install other tools on your system:

You can only activate this feature with Linux.


Go to the new directory weblab-egc and launch the script:

With Windows: > run.bat

With Linux: $ ./run.sh


  • Main first page:


  • Search and results page:


  • Annotated document page: