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The WebLab application demonstration tries to show the service integration capability of the platform through a very simple example. It is limited to text processing of common office documents and only on a local folder. This page will provide some technical insight on the demonstration content. For installation instructions, please have a look on the Demonstration Installation Guide.

This page is related to WebLab Demo 1.1. If you want information about the latest demonstration please go to Bundle.

Functional scope

What does the demo do ?

Quite simple : the application takes the documents that are provided as sample in the folder "toIndex", extract the text content out of them, then apply GATE information ectraction rules to detect named entities and finally index them in SolR. The interface allow you to launch an indexing process and to search and visualize normalized and annotated documents

You can add extra documents in this "toIndex" or make a link to a specific folder. However take into account that processing bigger amount of documents will need extra memory to be allocated to the servers (but the standard configuration should be able to process several thousands of documents).

Why do we need an installation ?

Yes everything is in JAVA but some things need to be configured and parts of the system have to be deployed dynamically (ie web services are deployed on Tomcat, portlets on Liferay...). Thus the installer. Currently only scripts for Linux are up to date.



The demo uses mainly the following ports : Liferay on 8181, Tomcat on 8080 and PEtALS on 8084. Other ports are used to monitor shutdown/restart command, however since all is installed on one machine, there is no specific network configuration needed. Only port 8181 need to be accessible if you want to connect an external client to the machine that support the WebLab. Only port 8181 need to be accessible if you want to connect an external client to the machine that support the WebLab.


Extra (but necessary) elements:

  • WebLab component parent : org.ow2.weblab.components.parent-1.2
  • Folder crawler component : org.ow2.weblab.components.folder-crawler-1.8
  • Content manager component : org.ow2.weblab.components.content-manager-1.7
  • WebLab services parent : org.ow2.weblab.portlets.parent-1.2


  • Simple folder crawler : org.ow2.weblab.webservices.folder-crawler-service-1.5
  • Tika normaliser : org.ow2.weblab.service.tika-normaliser-1.6
  • Blank line remover : org.ow2.weblab.service.blank-lines-remover-1.3
  • Gate information extraction analyser : org.ow2.weblab.service.gate-extraction-2.0
  • Simple XML repository : org.ow2.weblab.service.file-repository-1.6
  • Solr indexer and searcher : org.ow2.weblab.service.solr-engine-1.4

User interfaces elements

Extra (but necessary) elements:

  • WebLab portlet : org.ow2.weblab.portlets.weblab-portlet-1.2
  • WebLab portlets parent : org.ow2.weblab.portlets.parent-1.2


  • advanced-search-portlet-1.3
  • document-viewer-portlet-1.3
  • launch-chain-portlet-1.3
  • result-portlet-1.3

Processing framework elements

Extra (but necessary) elements:

  • WebLab-se-orchestra : org.ow2.weblab.weblab-se-orchestra-1.1

Service declaration deployed on BC-SOAP:

  • Service unit SOAP-BlankLineRemoverServiceService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-ChainDemoService-consume
  • Service unit SOAP-FileRepositoryServiceService-consume
  • Service unit SOAP-FileRepositoryServiceService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-FolderCrawlerServiceService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-GateServiceService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-SolrIndexerService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-SolrSearcherService-consume
  • Service unit SOAP-SolrSearcherService-provide
  • Service unit SOAP-TikaExtractorServiceService-provide

BPEL chain deployed on WebLab-se-orchestra:

  • Service unitBPEL-ChainDemo-provide

Service assembly:

  • Service assembly demo-artifacts