Services and Open Sources

January 19, 2010 - Caen

Deadline: December 4, 2009

The workshop will highlight many problems of data processing available in open sources. The open source designates media with unrestricted rights (Internet, public databases, journals, CD-ROM, television, radio). They provide large volumes of heterogeneous multimedia data (images, text, audio, video, ...) and require adequate processing. We will discuss problems caused by this heterogeneity, we are also interested in the mash up of services including algorithms that automatically process these data.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers, PhD students and R&D departments to obtain a representative community facing the diversity of problems encountered when working on open sources. The workshop is open to presenting the following topics:

A half day is dedicated to the presentation of joint works with RTE workshop "Représentation et Raisonnement sur le Temps et l’Espace" which focuses on the representation of time and space, and models of reasoning associated. This half-day will cover the spatial data sources and their treatment, especially in crisis situations.


Note: We accept contributions in French and English.

Contributions Format:

We accept articles (in French or English) with a description of one to two pages of your work. Items must be sent before December 4th in pdf version at:

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